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***Our mailing address has changed***

Our new mailing address is:
Blue Knights NC 10
P.O. Box 518
Liberty, NC 27298-0518

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All law enforcement officers as well as all first responders selflessly leave their homes and families to fulfill their sworn duties to assist and rescue citizens during catastrophes. Oftentimes, it is not known until the storm has passed and they return home to discover they are now victims...their homes have been heavily damaged or totally decimated and their family is displaced.

We want to send help and brotherly love to our fellow officers when these events occur.


Our goal is to set up a sustainable fund that will always be readily available to send help right away rather than the delay of raising funds only when events occur. Your donation will ensure that we can keep funds on hand in order to send help immediately. 


When a catastrophe strikes, we will contact a local Blue Knight chapter or agency department head and inquire as to the immediate needs of an officer who is a victim. 


Please consider helping those that are always vigil...those that selflessly go into harm's way.

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