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Contribution Inquiries

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Is my contribution/donation tax deductible?

At some time or another you have probably asked this question when considering contributing/donating to a charity. The answer is complicated. With the plethora of codes, laws, criteria, etc. in regards to the IRS and other government entities, the answer varies. One thing that is certain NOT ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. In addition to codes and laws, the type of organization you are considering donating to is a factor.

As for our organization, we are NOT tax attorneys or accountants or experts. To protect ourselves and YOU, we advise you to consult your tax attorney and/or accountant. Click HERE to view our full disclaimer. Nonetheless, we have compiled some information and resources that will assist you in your search for answers.

As for considering contributions/donations to our organization, know that we are a 501(c)(10) organization. The IRS defines a 501(c)(10) as:

"To be exempt under IRC (Internal Revenue Code) 501(c)(10), a domestic fraternal society, order, or association must meet the following requirements:

1.   It must have a fraternal purpose. An organization has a fraternal purpose if membership is based on a common tie or the pursuit of a common object. The organization must also have a substantial program of fraternal activities.

2.   It must operate under the lodge system. Operating under the lodge system requires, at a minimum, two active entities: (i) a parent organization; and (ii) a subordinate organization (called a lodge, branch, or the like) chartered by the parent and largely self-governing.

3.   It must not provide for the payment of life, sick, accident, or other benefits to its members. The organization may arrange with insurance companies to provide optional insurance to its members without jeopardizing its exempt status.

4.   It must devote its net earnings exclusively to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational, and fraternal purposes.

5.   It must be a domestic organization, that is, it must be organized in the United States."

Our EIN (Employer Identification Number) or "TID" (Tax Identification Number) is: 32-0473393.

Below are official links to the IRS or other documents that will aid you in having a better understanding.

Can I take a deduction for a charitable contribution/donation I make to any tax-exempt organization?

Is this organization a tax exempt organization? (Blue Knights NC 10 Letter of Exemption)

Tax Topics - Charitable Contributions

Charitable contribution defined (IRS Section 170(c)(4)

Definition of our organization

Tax Exempt Organization Search (search for ANY tax exempt organization)

- Steps to search and verify the status of BKNC10:

1. Once on the website, go to the "Search By" field and select "Employer Identification Number";

2. Go to "Search Term" field and enter: 32-0473393;

3. Go to "City" field and enter: Hillsborough;

4. Go to "State" field and enter: NC;

5. Click "Search";

6. In the results, click "Blue Knights Motorcycle Club";

7. The next page will display our status (Exemption Reinstatement Date)

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