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(since 2015)

Jean-Luc Kirk - Chapel Hill Police Department

After attending Campbell University, I proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1988-1992. In 1995, I came to the Chapel Hill Police Department where I have served on Patrol, the C.I.T.E. Unit, and am currently serving in the Division of Training and Continuing Education.

For years, I wanted a motorcycle...a Harley-Davidson to be exact. In 2015 that dream came true...a 2015 Fat Boy Lo. Although not all black like I wanted, within five months, Harley rolled out its 2016 models and sure enough, mine was there and I traded in for a 2016 Fat Boy S!

As a founding and charter member, I have been involved with this chapter since its inception in 2015. I am honored to have held the offices of Secretary and Treasurer since the beginning. With our recent elections, I have been re-elected for a second term as Secretary and Treasurer. This is an honor that I proudly accept from my fellow speaks volumes about their faith and trust in me.


I am committed to serve the members and represent them and the chapter in all interactions in order to fulfill our mission. It has been a rewarding journey and I look forward to continuing that journey with my fellow members.


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